Cisco Spark Business Messaging with Advanced Meetings


Enable real action

Teams need not only to message and share documents but often they need to meet in real time to make decisions and get work done faster. Cisco Spark meeting capabilities enable them to.

Cisco Spark has two meeting offers to suit different work styles. Both offers integrate deeply with the app for added benefits including before-, during-, and after-meeting messaging and content sharing. The first offer, basic meetings, is ideal for people who want to conduct instant meetings between Cisco Spark users only and need audio, video, and screen-sharing capabilities. Advanced meetings, the second offer, allow you to meet with anyone on any device with the all the rich capabilities of the industry-leading Cisco WebEx meetings solution. Both offers center on the Cisco Spark app.

With Cisco Spark advanced meetings, we take your meetings to another level. Advanced meetings include everything in the Cisco Spark basic meetings plus all the capabilities of the industry-leading Cisco WebEx meetings application. The Cisco WebEx application enables meetings with up to 200 participants and anyone inside or outside your organization can join on any device, even third-party devices.

All users with an advanced meetings subscription have their own personal meeting room. A personal meeting room is similar to having your own virtual conference room in the cloud. You have your own personal URL so that attendees can join from a browser. You also have your own personal URI so that users can join through a video endpoint or room system. Both the URL and URI are included in all of your meeting invitations. Advanced meetings enable you to schedule within the WebEx application and do not require Cisco Spark Hybrid services.

If desired, however, Cisco Spark Hybrid services Calendar service makes scheduling and collaborating even easier with Cisco Spark advanced meetings. Calendar service enables the host to create a meeting by simply putting @webex in the location field of the Outlook meeting invitation. No plug-in is required. Cisco Spark automatically populates the host’s personal URL and URI information into the meeting details. Hosts can also add @spark to their Microsoft Outlook location field to create a Cisco Spark room and add the meeting details to that room.

Cisco Spark Advanced Meetings Features

Advanced Meetings Feature

Description and Benefits

Document, fill out applications, and screen share with a multimedia experience

Share content or your entire screen with remote attendees in real time. Pass control to attendees so they can share content, or annotate yours. Engage your audience by incorporating multimedia into your presentations, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Flash animations, audio, and video files.

Meet on any device

Meet with anyone on all common operating system platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Enjoy a rich meeting experience across Android, iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone 8 devices. Join from Cisco Spark including the app, a Cisco phone registered to the Cisco Spark Service, or a Cisco Spark room system. Or join from any third-party standards-based video device and even from Microsoft Skype for Business.

Integrated high-definition (HD) video

View video from up to seven attendees. Or select full-screen mode to view the active speaker in the main video panel, with other participants’ video displayed as thumbnails. Or select the expanded full-screen option to view the active speaker in true HD, 720p display resolution. The video in the main panel automatically switches to display the person who is speaking, creating an intuitive meeting experience.

Personal meeting rooms

Meet even faster in your own permanent, personalized video conferencing space in the cloud. Schedule ahead or leave your door open and let people drop in.

Meeting recording, editing, and playback

Record meetings for future reference, training, or demonstrations.

In-meeting controls

Mark up documents; chat to individuals, the host, the presenter, or everyone. Mute, unmute, and drop any participant. Lock meetings to prevent unintended participants from joining. And more.

Audio conferencing (add-on option)

Offer an interactive meeting experience with Cisco WebEx integrated audio or a third-party audio options. Choose toll or toll-free, or call-in or call-back. Or give attendees the option to connect using voice over IP (VoIP), or the built-in audio on your computer. Wideband audio support using VoIP provides outstanding audio quality, even over low-bandwidth networks.