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We are a boutique Systems Integrator who enable some of the best in market enterprise grade collaboration, network, communication, security and audio visual solutions completely tailored for our clients. Customer service above all else is ingrained to our DNA and ensuring you get the outcome you need from your technology is our number one goal.


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Our team of specialists are experts in their fields. Our solutions revolve around 4 core capabilities; Collaboration, Network, Security and Audio Visual. These areas are where we believe our clients rely upon the most but as technology evolves, this can take you away from your core focus, your business. We have laser focused our business around providing the best solutions available in these areas.


About Us

Our team of consultants and engineers have not only extensive technical experience but all take a consultative approach to their work. With the constantly shifting landscape of technology, there are a mind boggling number of options out there and a hundred ways to implement each one. At Ucomm Group, we take pride in not only selecting the right technology to match your business but also the implementation approach to match your organisation's people and culture.


We only work with the leading products and service providers available but to us the technology is only secondary. Understanding your business and making sure our solutions line up with your goals is how we guarantee that any solution from Ucomm Group is fit for purpose.

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The word collaboration can mean a whole bunch of things depending on who you ask. To us, it means anything that helps a group of people achieve their common goals. Enabling people (whether they are customers, colleagues, suppliers, friends or family) with spaces for them to communicate online, in-person, via video or voice, in real-time or whenever it's convenient, it's all just collaboration to us.


The network is the backbone of which any business is built on. When we talk network we're not just talking about your local network and wifi. With convergence, it's everything. It connects you to your customers, it connects you to the Internet, it connects your phones, it connects your offices around the world, it connects your suppliers to you and as cloud services become more prevalent it even connects you to your core business applications. There are fewer things more important than that and we get that.


To us, security boils down to a single word. Trust. Security enables you to trust that your data and your customers' data is always be exactly where it is meant to be and accessible by exactly who is meant to be able to access it. Once trust is breached, it is very difficult to regain. We view security holistically including security, compliance, privacy and transparency. Our consultative approach ensures you have exactly the right level that you need as we understand security can be a dizzying world to go down and if you don't need to build Fort Knox, don't (not that we can't build a Fort Knox of a system).

Audio Visual

Customer experiences. Regardless of whether it's someone calling into a call centre, visiting your website or going to your office for a meeting, customers continue to have increasing expectations of a top notch experience. We believe Audio Visual plays a key component to enhancing your customer experience and brand. We offer enterprise grade, professional audio and visual experiences tailored to your requirements to make sure you always put your best foot forward.