Cisco Spark Business Messaging with Basic Meetings


Enable real action

Teams need not only to message and share documents but often they need to meet in real time to make decisions and get work done faster. Cisco Spark meeting capabilities enable them to.


Cisco Spark Basic Meeting Overview

Basic meetings are not that basic at all. They let you extend the one-to-one and three-party video calling of the Cisco Spark message service to up to 25-participant meetings. They include video and screen sharing. You can join from the Cisco Spark app on your mobile device or desktop, a Cisco phone registered to the Cisco Spark call service, or from a Cisco Spark room system.

There are two ways to conduct a Cisco Spark basic meeting. The first is an instant meeting. If you have a lot of messaging in your Cisco Spark app, sometimes it’s just easier to make a call and sort it out. To start an instant meeting, you click the green camera icon in the Cisco Spark room and everyone in the room is invited to join the meeting. To join a meeting, you simply click the green Join button. It’s that simple.

The second way uses Spark Hybrid Services, specifically its Hybrid Calendar Service. Users simply schedule a meeting using Microsoft Outlook like they normally would, but they also add @spark to the location field of the invite. Adding @spark automatically creates a room in Cisco Spark and adds the invitees to the room. The Cisco Spark room and meeting join details are automatically given to all the participants in their meeting invite. The meeting information also is automatically populated in the Cisco Spark room itself.